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I'm an outgoing, people person! I'm not afraid to get up close and personal when shooting and capture a lot of intimate and emotional moments. I'm very organized on the wedding day and help keep things on track.

 I constantly strive to improve my craft, and I pay more attention to the technical side of things, while still expressing my creativity. I'm definitely more quiet and introverted than Alaina, but I can  be outgoing when I need to be by making people laugh! I tend to take a step back and observe more, allowing me to get a different perspective on the wedding day.

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Lydia & Jon-Cody | Meridian Hill Park Engagement | Washington D.C.

Jun 10, 2018

The majority of the engagement sessions we photograph take place in the Nashville area, so when the opportunity presented itself to photograph Lydia and Jon-Cody’s engagement session in Washington D.C., we jumped at the chance! For a creative, a change of scenery can be a breath of fresh air! When you photograph at a location that you haven’t before, you get to see it with fresh eyes and your creativity is able to truly flow. Don’t get us wrong, we really do love our usual Nashville spots, but it’s so nice to experience new and exciting locations every once in a while!

We started out Lydia and Jon-Cody’s session at the cutest Italian restaurant, Lupo Verde (check it out if you’re in D.C.), over cocktails and conversation…the best way to start any session, in our opinion! We then walked a few blocks over to Meridian Hill Park, a green oasis in the middle of such a big, bustling city. These two were such a blast to hang out with and photograph, it was like we were with old friends! So much so, that we ended the night with a tasting menu at Rasika, Lydia and Jon-Cody’s favorite Indian restaurant in D.C. They were so sweet to invite us to join them there after having seen an instagram post where we confessed our love and obsession with Indian food. Anyone who knows us, knows the way to our hearts is through good food…so it’s safe to say, we love these two already! Can’t wait for their fall wedding day at CJ’s Off The Square, which we’re sure will be as equally beautiful as their engagement photos!

Film Processing: Photovision Prints
Floral Bouquet: Amy Lauren Floral Design


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