We began photographing weddings before we were married, so it was extra special, and yet extra challenging, when it came to planning our own. We decided that an intimate wedding on a lava field in Iceland, surrounded by glaciers and volcanoes, was the perfect setting for our love story to be told. Iceland holds a special place in our hearts now, and we can't wait to hopefully go back one day soon.

We live with our three quirky (but lovable!) cats, travel as much as we can, and always try the latest restaurants in town. Our greatest adventure together was our very own wedding. 

we are so happy
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Let's Get Candid

Wedding photos of us by Kati Rosado

Have (lots of) cameras. Will travel. Whether we're photographing couples or exploring our own favorite corners of the world, we travel every chance we get. It excites and renews us.

world travelers

Once thought of as an outdated medium, film has made a comeback in a modern era. It helps us intentionally compose, rather than mindlessly click. Pressing the shutter has become our sixth sense. Hearing the wind gives us butterflies. A beautiful mix of old with new.

lovers of film

We love simplicity and open spaces. This is the foundation of our artistic style and translates into every photograph we create, making for a timeless aesthetic.

less is more

What is that?

the enneagram



South of France

dream vaca spot


Favorite cocktail

Get to know us like our friends do. These are the things that make our heart sing. We can't wait to hear yours!


Mad Men

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Referee (9w8)



Coffee Old Fashioned


How we allow them to be themselves and help make them feel totally comfortable in front of the camera.

our clients love:

We are easy to work with, keep calm under stressful wedding conditions, we're organized, precise, and lots of fun!

our clients always say:

Photos don't belong on your phone.
They belong on your walls and made into beautiful albums within arm's reach.


The meaningful relationships we
create with our clients, and our
detailed involvement in their big day.

we pride ourselves in:


the portfolio

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