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I'm an outgoing, people person! I'm not afraid to get up close and personal when shooting and capture a lot of intimate and emotional moments. I'm very organized on the wedding day and help keep things on track.

 I constantly strive to improve my craft, and I pay more attention to the technical side of things, while still expressing my creativity. I'm definitely more quiet and introverted than Alaina, but I can  be outgoing when I need to be by making people laugh! I tend to take a step back and observe more, allowing me to get a different perspective on the wedding day.

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La Joie de Vivre | Our Honeymoon in Paris

Jun 21, 2017

La joi de vivre… the joy of living.¬†Being able to travel and explore new places is one of our greatest joys in life! As we were planning our wedding in Iceland, we didn’t think that a honeymoon in another country would be feasible for us, so we decided that we would hold off on a honeymoon and just plan a trip to Napa Valley a few months after the wedding. As we were booking our flights for Iceland, we came across this incredible stopover option that Icelandair offers! Each European city that Icelandair flies to has a stopover in Keflavik, but the amazing thing is, you can extend that stopover up to seven days on either your departure or return flight, for no additional cost! After seeing this, we compared the fares to a few other cities we’ve always dreamed of going to and found that a flight to Paris was only a couple hundred more than our direct flights to Keflavik. And just like that, we booked flights to the city of lights, with a six day stopover in Iceland for our wedding!

Now for a little honest truth…Paris was a bit of a let down…or perhaps we let down Paris…not sure. Either way, we didn’t make the most of being in such an incredible city. After six days of hiking and exploring, hours and hours of driving, and organizing and planning the last few details of the wedding in Iceland, we were exhausted! After arriving in Paris at six in the morning after a red eye flight, the first thing we did is lug our suitcases up six floors (no elevator…oops!) to get to our flat and take a nice, long nap. We definitely had slow mornings spent in our airbnb, which some may say sounds like perfection, and it was! Just a little different than we had originally envisioned…we had dreams of having pastries and espresso at the little corner cafe every morning, people watching as the city started it’s day and came to life. We guess waking up and snuggling to the sounds of the city, neighbors cooking breakfast, a cat meowing from the window sill, and the wonderfully romantic french language being spoken, really isn’t so bad at all…

We have plans to make it back to this beautiful city again soon, and next time we’ll do Paris right. Until then, we have our memories and these photos to transport us back to our honeymoon week spent in the most romantic city on Earth.


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